Workflow Lite for SharePoint

Jan Tielens released RC1 of his workflow engine for SharePoint. Workflow was a feature that was in older versions of SharePoint, but in the latest, Microsoft removed it. The short period of time I was working with it, it was definitly one thing I missed.

Jan has a video on what it can do and you can download it from GotDotNet.

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  1. Edwin Waegemakers says:

    Great stuff.

    From what I’ve heard the reason they don’t have this functionality in this version is because of the shift in architecture they were not able to implement it in time. The last sharepoint used exchange to accomplish this and luckily they have abandoned this path with the new version.

    Hopefully they bring it back in the next version. And if they could have a look at the way listings are connected to documents that would be great as well. The way it works now is that if you rename, remove or move a document in sps your listings to the document are not changed so you end up with dead links.

    nice one.

    So… just had to get that off my chest.

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