DOSBox works like a charm!

Old memories…

Paper, a 64Kb intro by Statix, partially build on my own computer. Statix crashed it so hard I lost most of all content on my harddrive, where I had a BBS running. Luckely I could restore it and most of the files.

Paper by Statix Paper by Statix  Paper by Statix

And one of my favorites, Fashion by Logic Design. Logic Design was the Dutch part of TBL before they joined that group, The Black Lotus.

Fashion by Logic Design  Fashion by Logic Design  Fashion by Logic Design

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7 Responses

  1. Frans Bouma says:

    I haven’t tried it yet, but it sure looks promissing, especially the ability to see my all time favorite Dope again is mindblowing! 🙂 (I’m a jmagic fan, as he understood the true art of demoing: fake till you drop :D)

  2. Ramon Smits says:

    @Otis: Dope is cool. But my all-time-favorite still is Start by Nooon. I remember that we were downloading it at my home with a I think a 2400bps modem :). When we saw the wasp we were silent.. and then the face wall thingy.. Aaaah.. those were the days 🙂

    I have only tested demos with DOSBox but I saw screenshots at the website of Syndicate Wars. Damn! That was a cool game! So it seems that I must try to play some old games this weekend 🙂

  3. Stars by NoooN, Exyll! 🙂

    Both Stars and Dope are on the Mindcandy DVD. If I’d only knew how I could easily rip a single chapter out of a DVD I’d do it. But I don’t want to search the internet and want it done easy. So if anyone has any suggestions! 🙂

    Dope is really cool for the design and calling the effects "Larousse Fire Clouds" and such! 🙂 But Jugi’s music with Dope ROCKS so hard! So very cool!

  4. Ramon Smits says:

    Damn… small typo 🙂 I know it is Start i mean Stars

    Why would you want to rip those from the mindcandy dvd?? probably has the links to an easy tool you require.

  5. Why I want to rip them? To place them on my laptop and play them again-and-again-and-again-and… while I work! 🙂

    And I used doom9 to look at some tools some time ago, but at that moment, it required 5 tools or so. Way to much. And I had to rip the .VOB files to HD, rework them and when that was done, I could make DivX from them. That took 6GB or so for one movie and most of the time, my files were JUST over the size of one 700MB cd so I had to do it all again! 😉

    And I haven’t been able to figure out how to rip only one chapter, so I asked here how to be able to do that.

  6. Dammmmmnnnn… you are my devil!!! :-PPPPPP As I said in my blog to your post, I had a vpc2004 with lots of my favourite demos, but there was a problem with GUS!!!! Today I started to see oldskool demos that used GUS and it was wonderfullllllllll…. 😀

    Where you in any group? I was in Polygon, a spanish one.. we where just at The Party 96 (i think it was 96, but couldn’t finish our demo)… btw, all my demo code is working nowwww 🙂

    Damn good an inspirating this… definitely broken my mind again… ten years after…

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