BloggingAbout.NET Upgrade Notification

It’s finally going to happen, BloggingAbout.NET is upgrading to Community Server 2.0.

In the past we installed some functionality to be able to upload files and images, using a somewhat adjusted web based backend. It’s a long story, but in the end we cannot just tear down this functionatlity because Community Server simply does not support this. It does support uploading files and images in version 2.0, but those are uploaded to the gallery. And as we want to keep the gallery somewhat clean, we’re not really into upload all kinds of tiny screenshots. So that was the main problem, but we’re happy to say we solved it now.

This will result in the near future in some downtime. We expect the upgrade to take up an hour or so. So if your RSS Reader reports an error or the site itself shows a lot of errors or no pages at all, don’t start to panic. 😉

Oh, by the way, because we seriously can’t wait any longer to upgrade, we’re upgrading to the default CS skin with the little green tree in the upper left corner. If anyone feels like creating a logo, don’t hesitate to contact me and draw us something nice!

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2 Responses

  1. For all bloggers at BloggingAbout.NET, a lot of skins won’t function anymore in Community Server 2.0.

    To reduce the work for us, and errors for your weblog itself, you could select the default skin before we upgrade. 🙂

    Depending on the work the upgrade will take, we might not reset everyone their chosen skin. Community Server is kind of sucking in persisting your settings, so it’s really hard to do this with a single query. And when we don’t reset your skin, your personal blog might report an error when visiting it. You can solve this by going to the Control Panel and selecting a new skin, once the upgrade is complete.

  2. Dennis, we all know how busy you are. And we really value this effort to upgrade the weblog engine. But could you give us a date? To prevent us, the simple users, from nagging about the weblog not being available ;-).

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