WCF Binding decision chart

A while ago I saw this decision chart to help choose a WCF default binding. Unfortunately I cannot remember where it came from. The problem I had with it was that you could only reach wsHttpBinding if you had to use interop. But you might need to use HTTP for a transport. Also the local option came too soon, where answering yes ruled out MSQM and P2P. So I had to change the original chart a bit. If there are any errors, please make a suggestion in the comments and I’ll try to fix the chart.

Class-A logo in there because it’s from our training material. You can use the chart for whatever you like though.

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8 Responses

  1. Patrick Wellink says:


    I have a question and since you are into WCF maybe you know the answer….

    When you right click on an app.config it should be possible to open the file with the SvcConfigEditor.exe as an option in the context sensitive mnu.

    But I couldn’t find that option. Do you know how i can add it ?

  2. @Patrick : You have to install the WF/WCF extensions to Visual Studio. You can find them here :

    More info in an article from Mike Glaser :

    However, this doesn’t include everything. For example, the trace utility is in the SDK, which is 1 GB large! 🙂 I hate that!

  3. Uriah says:

    Getting a broken link on the image. Also the link to the visual studio extensions for WCF still shows them in CTP, is there a final release somewhere now?

  4. Uriah, you’re right, I’ll have a look at the image. Thanks for your comment.

    Also the CTP is the final version for Visual Studio 2005. There won’t be any new version. For the next Visual Studio (currently codenamed “Orcas”) these will be integrated…

    In other words, it’s safe to download the latest CTP.

  5. Sameh says:

    Many Thanks for your help,
    Actually I didn’t find an error, but where do I start? what is the starting box? 🙂

  6. Dennis van der Stelt says:

    Good question! 🙂 It’s the top-left one, but a nice start action would’ve been better 🙂

  7. Mnbabu says:

    Thanks for the post Dennis, unable to find the image. Could plz look into this.


  8. Sorry Mnbabu, for some reason it wasn’t migrated with my site. Luckily for the internet, it was preserved somewhere else.

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